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Preorder track credit to use as soon as September 2015 and help make the Peak Creek Grand Prix a reality!

The Peak Creek Grand Prix is an indoor go kart and minimoto track to be located in Pulaski, Virginia.  This track is vital to the town as it will help energize the economy, make a healthy and exciting activity available to the community, and so much more! 

We will offer two types of activity: Karting and minimoto.  The standard karts are 6.5 horsepower Rimo Karts, plenty to get you sideways around the track and keep the adrenaline flowing!  Anyone that wants to participate in the minimoto sessions will have to bring their own bike as of now (we are working to get a fleet of rental minis, stay up to date at Facebook.com/PeakCreekGP).  Bikes are limited to 150cc and under four stroke engines. 

Any and all motorcycle riders are strongly encouraged to try minimoto at least once.  If you have never done any sort of performance riding, you will learn more than you thought possible!  Your skill level and confidence will increase more in a few hours at the Peak Creek Grand Prix than in a lifetime on the street!

Want to learn to ride a motorcycle?  Start here!  It cannot be stressed enough how dangerous it is to put a fresh rider on a 400+ pound motorcycle, then add cars, distracted drivers, animals, gravel and potholes to the mix.  Learning on a closed course is the most comfortable way for new riders to start out.  Once you can ride a minimoto around the track comfortably, you are more qualified to ride on the street than most riders out there (unfortunately).



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is track credit transferable?

    Of course! You can buy track credit now as a gift for family and friends, and you're helping to make this track a reality!

  • Does track credit expire?

    It most certainly does not! Track credit will remain on your account until you choose to redeem it

  • What is track credit?

    Track credit is simply paying in advance for track time (kart or minimoto, whatever you choose) that will be available to you beginning in September 2015.

  • What happens if the Tilt amount is not reached?

    If we are unable to reach our Tilt amount, all contributors will be fully refunded and the Peak Creek Grand Prix will be unable to open.

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